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JMP's recap for Winter, Summer & Fall 2014 and future plans

JMP Fundraiser at Wareham MX

The Pilgrim Powersports Wareham MX JMP Fundraiser went very well! As you see above, many of the riders, rider's parents & Wareham MX's owner Jake Morrison, all helped make this a success. But without Kawaski's Ryan Villopoto, Kawasaki Motor Corp, Ride 100 Percent, Atlas Brace Company, Ryno Power, 2 AMA Supercross Series VIP passes, along with an anymous donations by 2 sets of Thor MX Gear sets, West Fits Wraps from the West family ( as well as J&N Racing that threw in 2 Red sox tickets it would have not been possible.

We held a 100% goggle Tag Team race  that was beyond hilarious had so much fun between between father/son or friends. the rules went as follows:

1 big bike rider (125, 250, 250F or 450F)

1 small bike rider (50, 65, 85 or 150F)

1 set of goggles per team (big bikes take off first then swap to the small bike rider)

Teams each of the opposite level. Either the big bike rider a novice, intermediate, expert level & the small bike rider be the on the other level. As the big bikes took off we had a small pile up in the first turn but things changed when they went for the goggle swap. I saw, well, we  saw everything change! Teams struggling to keep bikes running But as the checkered flag dropped, our winner took home an Atlas Brace, 2nd took home a set of THOR gear and 3rd took back a Ryan Villopoto signed shirt.

None were happier than our VIP SX Ticket winner, Kyle Lithway! With such a glow hat lit up on his face, the chipper in his voice, he left one extremely happy Motocross racer.

Matt Wozney
with came down to Houston in October and shot a video of local riders talking about James Marshall and JMP. If you have ever wondered what kind of person James is this will answer your question!


Our Concussion Education Awareness Video gives you an insight to our Sport's Top Professionals views, opinions and a little advice to injury prevention all the way to your recovery process. 5ONE7 Films has put together the perfect Education Video



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